ira_gladkova ([personal profile] ira_gladkova) wrote 2012-08-04 01:38 am (UTC)

Oh gosh, sorry to be so very late replying!

I think you make really good points about different approaches/cultures in terms of public posting and transparency. One of the greatest obstacles facing the OTW, I feel, is the tension between our identities as both fannish project and nonprofit org. I know that, for myself, I tend to fall more on the nonprofit end of the scale, as I feel that is where the path to sustainability lies (and I just now put up a post dealing with precisely this in the context of criticizing the org). However, it is definitely important to keep in mind our fannish cultural roots, both by the nature of our mission (of course!), and because, as you've done here, it helps us understand how we work and how our audience and stakeholders perceive and interact with us.

I think it may be useful to remember that we're coming from a lot of different places, and that, e.g., someone who chooses to post about the tough stuff isn't actively trying to tear down the org, and that someone who chooses not to post about the tough stuff isn't actively trying to censor the org's public image.

This is awesome! There is no "I think" or "may" about this for me; you are spot on. I definitely do not mean to condemn people who, for whatever reason, choose not to post about the tough stuff. What's important is having a place for both, and valuing each for their respective strengths.

I know that for myself, I tend to come down on the side of defending the negative experience because I feel that — especially for reasons related to fannish culture — it's easier to erase than the positive one. However, no erasing should be happening, of either positive or negative experiences — or of ambivalence, something I want to cover in a future post.

Anyway, thank you so much for this comment; I think you make an excellent point. If you feel I am ever elbowing out someone else or sharing my experiences/views in a way that is not constructive, please let me know!

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