ira_gladkova ([personal profile] ira_gladkova) wrote2011-12-08 10:59 pm
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OTW Board 2011 minutes now public

Awesome news: Board minutes for 2011 are now publicly available!

I want to give our amazing 2011 Board Secretary, Kristen Murphy, many thanks for not only her excellent minute-keeping, but also for proposing, pursuing, and enacting this; this is something I've wanted since I came aboard, but never managed to actively pursue, and I'm really happy that it's happening. Thank you, Kristen!

Please feel free to ask me about my actions in relation to any items you find in the minutes -- I can't speak for the actions of others, nor divulge details of discussions held in or with board with expectations of privacy, but I'm definitely interested in thoughts on my individual work and items anyone wants to see follow-up or explanation on. (As a small reminder, I was on leave for personal and family health reasons from August to partway through elections, so I was much less involved during those times, but at still happy to discuss what I can -- the minutes also note who was present or absent, so you can see when I wasn't around.)

I'd also like to put up a sticky post with the general goals I'll be pursuing for the 2012 term, including concrete actions where possible; I plan to update that post as the year goes on with news on the goals and actions. I hope to have that ready soon!

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