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This journal was established largely to help me juggle hats. I currently hold a number of positions in the Organization for Transformative Works, including being a member of the Board. Like all Board members, I serve under my real name. This journal is a place for me to talk about my OTW work without having that leak all over my fannish life.

Please note that this is not an official outlet for OTW news or announcements. Please use the OTW site to find official OTW announcements. This space is explicitly unofficial; it is no more official than my fannish journal. Statements made here are not to be taken as official OTW policy. This is just a space I have set aside for a particular topic of my blatherings.

While it's not hard to figure out who I am, what my fannish identity is, I would appreciate it if people did not announce the connection too much. I'm not too fussed about keeping the two strictly separate, and will sometimes link from the fannish journal to this one, but I would appreciate it if the degree of connection between the two identities were left in my control =)
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