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lucyp ([personal profile] lucyp) wrote in [personal profile] ira_gladkova 2012-07-09 02:17 pm (UTC)

I'm not sure I'd say we're scared of showing our inner workings to the public, so much as that it's actually a fairly formidable task. Certainly from Comms point of view we see a LOT of enthusiasm from all the committees about getting more information out there about what's going on: the challenge is in mustering the people and time to get that information out there in an intelligible format. I know Claudia and I have found it is so much work getting sustainable processes in place for that, although I'm super excited about the way some of my new people are starting to bed in and take on new and existing tasks in a way that will ultimately mean more information about what's going on inside of the org. If anything, from my perspective I feel like the scariest thing about putting out more information is the fact that it raises expectations such that people want yet more! (Not that they shouldn't want more. But it does sometimes make it feel like we're running on the spot, Comms wise!)

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