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Andrea J. Horbinski ([personal profile] ahorbinski) wrote in [personal profile] ira_gladkova 2012-08-07 04:21 am (UTC)

A couple points:

I completely agree that some people on that thread were writing in good faith. However, since I was a tag wrangler from about the first week of the AO3 going in to open beta in November 2009 (I'd have to double-check my journal for exact dates), and since the original category change discussion arose on the tag wrangling list early in 2010, I've been talking about category change with multiple groups of people inside and outside the Org for, literally, two and a half years. Most if not all of the specific and constructive comments you mention, frankly, were points that I've seen before - which is not to deny that they were specific and constructive, but to explain that to me they were not particularly innovative.

However, the fact that some people were writing in good faith with specific and, from their point of view, constructive observations does not obviate the fact that some people on that thread were being downright abusive of TW staff, Category Change workgroup members, and other groups. Nor am I the only person to have drawn this conclusion, given that TW staff felt the need to write the email in question in response to that discussion. And no amount of constructive comments makes abusive ones acceptable. There are plenty of places outside the Org's internal forums where people can voice those kinds of comments.

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