Hello! I'm Ira, and I'm currently a member of the Board of the Organization for Transformative Works. This sticky post will be used as a list of the goals I intend to pursue for the 2012 term in that role; you are welcome and invited to ask questions about those and hold me accountable!

I anticipate adding to this post as the term goes on, with both updates on existing items and new items entirely. Some new additions will happen because they just didn't occur to me earlier. Other times, I'll have ideas, but they need a little work before I can talk about them here — for example, I may need to talk to certain chairs or other board members, so as to not put public pressure on anyone without warning. I'll be as honest, open, and timely as I can be without putting undue pressure or scrutiny on anyone else. I also want to be clear that lots of people are behind every goal, including, in most cases, other Board members. Where an idea has been explicitly proposed or adopted by another Board member but is also something I'm very interested in, I try to note who those people are.

While I do serve on the Board, this doesn't mean I have a magic wand or anything — the OTW's very strength is that it's the work of many people with many different skills, backgrounds, and opinions, so no one should have a magic wand and that's good — so please keep in mind that this is just me and my voice.

In relation to that, I want to be clear that this is only a statement of interest and intent — and, as time goes on, hopefully also a progress report. These are things I hope to support and talk with people about; my role in most things is largely to enable rather than execute. Some of these things are already underway, some need more resources devoted to them, a few are new; some are big, some are small. All share this in common: effort and input from many people with individual goals, concerns, and purview.


These are the basic ideas around which I try to orient my actions.

Diversity )

Transparency )

Sustainability )

These are all interdependent: transparency and diversity are part of sustainability; diversity depends on transparency, etc. If you think I am not acting in accordance with these principles, or want to know how some specific goals/actions relate to these, please let me know!

General Goals

These are some of the overall things I want to work towards. Some have already been mentioned in official statements such as our post, Brainstorming for a more inclusive OTW (also on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal); some were mentioned during the recent election by candidates (you can still read candidate statements, chats, and responses on the Elections site); some have been discussed in recent Board meetings (I'll link to the relevant minutes once they're available). In general, I want to emphasize that each goal has support or interest from several people, including other Board members, but would also necessitate input, participation, and work from many individuals and committees. I can't, and don't want to, simply make anything happen — but I can, and intend to, advocate, support, and enable.

Adopt more best practices as: a nonprofit, an OSS project, a legal advocacy project, etc.

Read more... )

Spread our resources more equitably among our projects

Read more... )

Make the connections between the OTW and its projects clearer

Read more... )

Address volunteer and staffer recruitment, retention, nurturing, and burnout

Read more... )

Develop and follow a communications strategy

Read more... )

Work towards helping Fanlore be a resource for anime, manga, and gaming fandoms

Read more... )

Outreach to underrepresented fandoms

Read more... )

Concrete Goals and Action Items

I want to emphasize again that I'm just one person with one voice, and that others may have reasons to vote against a specific action, or have other or better ideas. Most actions also involve consultation with and effort from several committees. I'll try to keep this list updated, including with any actions that have been stricken and why. And, as always, these are not all the things I feel need to be done in general, but the things that are most important to me or that I feel I am most equipped to pursue.

For now, I'm just mentioning these in brief summary; I hope to post in more detail on each as I work on these goals to further elucidate what committees are involved, how much work everything takes, the details that go into each, etc. I'll link any such posts here under the relevant item.

List of concrete goals/actions behind the cut )

I'll make a comment with a special subject line ("REVISION" followed by a summary of changes) whenever I make a major update to this post, so I hope that'll make tracking things easier for anyone who subscribes to this post.

Please feel free to leave questions and any other feedback here; I'll do my best to answer quickly. Thanks for reading!



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