Board minutes cover items from email (Board-only), open session (open to all staff), and closed session (Board-only). Please keep in mind that the information I can disclose varies depending on the arena, and I will use my judgment to balance confidentiality and transparency.

As always, I am only one Board member out of several, and one OTW volunteer out of many. These opinions and interpretations are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any other Board members or of the Board as a whole. It is my policy to not discuss other directors' individual opinions unless those directors have already done so publicly themselves.


(Everyone who has been leaving comments: thank you very much, I will be doing my best to keep responding! I'm just sort of at a weird cross-section of drafts I had already planned/written, official posting schedules from the OTW, and my own energy/resources. I'll be trying my best to get back to everyone!)

Sorry about the long delay between the last Minutes Monday and this one — the July 21 minutes were only posted this weekend, and I really prefer to keep these in chronological order, since the whole idea is that our work builds on itself. I also really would prefer to keep these to Mondays for the sake of my schedule, and had this all ready to go. I hope that minutes will be approved at a rate that will let me do this at least every other Monday (we do sometimes have to make and approve significant revisions before posting).

So we have triple-header today. I considered saving the 4 Aug minutes for next week in case the 11 Aug ones take a while, but I guess I'd rather try to be timely than predictable. ... Or brief.

Also, I want to highlight a few particular items here. Since I know there's been a lot of discussion about this: I proposed minimum participation requirements for Board members; the relevant meeting (21 July) is covered in these minutes, and I'll give a little more detail on that below. There's also a large and high-level discussion of the OTW's overall structure in terms of the distribution of skills, resources, and needs, which I plan to have a separate post about but want to summarize here. There's also a clarification about where we are with the emerita and advisory boards. Finally, one more proposal from me, for appending some individual Board member opinions to announcements of major decisions.

Jump to highlights:
Emerita and Advisory Boards clarification
Minimums on Board participation
Org structure discussion
Individual Board opinions on major decisions

That said, let's go!

21 July 2012 - Attended

Read more... )

Highlight #1: Emerita Board and Advisory Boards clarification )

Highlight #2: Minimums on Board participation )

Highlight #3: Org structure )

28 July 2012 - Absent (Optional Meeting)

Read more... )

04 August 2012 - Attended

Read more... )

Highlight #4: Individual Board opinions on major decisions )

That's all for this time! Back to trying to respond to comments, working on posts, and doing my job.



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