Jul. 4th, 2012

So it's been ridiculously quiet around here — I'm so sorry. I wanted to take a minute to touch on that, and hopefully get to the regular updates I had been planning on since term began after this.

I had really hoped to communicate frequently and openly about my org work this term, and I've really failed at that. I am, finally, in a much better place in my life: before, just doing the work took up all my energy, with none to spare to talk about it. I have a new apartment, a different and much less spoon-sucking job, a better bill of health, and overall I'm hoping for the best for the near future in terms of both more/better org work and more/better extant communication about said work. I apologize for not doing better before: I should have gauged my available time and energy better.

Here's what happened — I'd say "in brief" but that would just be lying. These past couple weeks, my computer has been completely broken, and my OTW work predictably took a big hit — I tried my best to get to the library and such and use public computers, but library hours rarely intersected with meeting times, and transportation issues meant I couldn't always make it to the library in the first place. This was an unpredictable setback.

A more predictable downtime happened right before that: I moved house, changed jobs, and etc etc on the personal-life-upheavals category. This had been coming for a long time, but kept getting delayed by...

My health. Guys, someday I will try to write a post about transparency on the individual level and how that's supposed to work when you have health problems whose symptoms include "utter exhaustion" and "social avoidance". Haha. But this is not that day. The short version is, I had a bunch of health issues that had been plaguing me for a long time which I was finally able to tackle: this is what I spent much of my time doing the first half of this year. I went to over 80 doctor appointments between the start of the year and the end of May. Eighty appointments. Good gravy. During this time my general org-work availability was... manageable? Not great. Definitely not great. But not bad to the point where I was seriously reevaluating my commitments. My leftover energy for talking, though, was nil. The extent and duration of this was only medium-predictable; still, I wish I had taken stock more realistically and realized how bad it was, and posted something during this time. I'm sorry.

So. Now, I hope to do better. Soon, I'd like to check in with the goals I posted near the start of term, and go over the work I'm doing now. Everyone, thank you for your patience and apologies, once again, for being a terrible communicator. Please feel free to leave questions and such if you have any; I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.



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